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Burn it Off With The (10-1) Two Moves Strength Workout Routine

Welcome to the 10-1 two minute strength workout routine.

The benefit is undergoing this challenge is to prep you, warm up your body and obviously strengthen you. Before we go further, here are some answers to the questions that may be on your mind.

Will this workout routine help me burn extra calories so I can slim down? YES!

Will this workout routine pump me full of energy? YEP!

Will this workout routine help tone some part of my body? YEP!

Here are some of them: The moves in this strength workout routine helps tone your Chest Muscles, Abdominals, Forearms, Biceps, Triceps brachii, legs e.t.c.

Basically all the benefits of doing Push-ups and Jumping jacks as they're the two exercise moves featured in this simple strength workout routine.

The Strength Workout Routine Demystified.

Just like we do every other workout challenge and routine to help you with different parts of your body on Nutritionrealm FITNESS, Here's a simple breakdown of this workout routine.

You'll be performing 10-1 reps of push-ups and jumping jacks in a descending order till you get to 1. Repeating each move exactly after the previous set.

Do 10 set of push-ups, 10 sets of jumping jacks then 9 sets of push-ups, 9 sets of jumping jacks all the way to 5 push-ups and 5 jumping jacks till you're at one.

10-1 exercise routine

Clear enough?​ See every detail you need for this strength workout routine on the Printable/Pinnable graphic below.

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